What is a Cool Roof Coating?

A Cool Roof coating reflects the sun’s energy and heat away from the building below providing many financial and environmental benefits. On a hot summer day, a typical rooftop temperature can be up to 100°F hotter than the ambient temperature, increasing heat loads on the building and breaking down the roof materials.

What are the benefits of a Cool Roof Coating?

Cool Roof elastomeric roof coatings, when properly applied on top of existing roof materials including HVAC units and ducts, can lower your energy costs by up to 40% in the summer, extend the life of your existing roof and save you money via a current year expense deduction. A Cool Roof coating can also count toward LEED points and meet local building codes.

A Cool Roof can help the environment by reducing the amount of materials that enter landfills and lower the amount of thermal energy released back into the environment. Studies have found that urbanized areas can be 2-9°F hotter than rural areas. The widespread use of Cool Roofs can effectively reduce the ambient temperature, thereby reducing energy loads, smog formation and urban “heat island” effect.

How can Washington Commercial Painters help?

Washington Commercial Painters has completed over a million square feet of elastomeric coatings and offers access to cutting edge Cool Roof coating technologies. If you would like to extend the life of your underlying roof materials, lower your energy costs and help the environment, contact our technical team regarding a Cool Roof coating for your building.