Over 25 Years of Experience from Coast to Coast

Washington Commercial Painters offers industry expertise and a dedication to quality and customer service. Company President and CEO Dave Theobald leads the organization with a commitment to customer service and integrity.

We’re grounded in the merit shop philosophy – that work should be awarded on the basis of qualifications, performance and price – in an open marketplace. Providing quality workmanship in a safe environment for fair prices is the way we choose to do business.

Let WCP’s 25 years of experience work for you. Our expertise in painting, restoration and decoration work means quality craftsmanship on all of your jobs. Each employee is dedicated to our core values – relationship driven, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. View our projects or contact us to see how we can help with your sign project.

Core Values

Our organization is based on these core values:

  • Relationship Driven: All of our actions are intended to build and perpetuate long-term relationships with our clients and employees.
  • Focused on Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all that we do.
  • Do the Right Thing: We will always strive for the highest level of honesty, fairness and integrity. We will never compromise our principles.

We believe in our core values and we live by them.

Our passion is developing leaders in our organization. Every day we strive to bring out the leaders in ourselves and within our organization, on both a personal and professional level. Based on our core values we grow leaders at all levels of our organization. We achieve this through in depth leadership training, active skill development and performance assessment.

It is our goal to start and end each day with a positive attitude. We want to improve our environments at home, in our workplace, in our communities as well as our industry. As an organization, we are building leaders to succeed, first as individuals and ultimately as an organization.

Core Competencies

How Customers view us–our reputation in the markets we serve.

  • Reliability – We always come through and get the job done, on time and on schedule.
  • We take unrivaled pride in our work.
  • Quality – “The BEST Painting company we have ever worked with.”
  • Responsive and complete communication, throughout the job, start to finish.
  • Adaptability – We always try new things.
  • Problem Solvers – We find a way and figure it out.
  • Current and advanced technology deployed.
  • A disciplined Safety Culture.
  • We care about our relationships and it shows.


To create an organization where opportunity thrives. We are expanding our business in order to:

  • Positively impact the construction industry and the environments around us;
  • Help people reach their full potential and fulfill their personal and professional destinies.

We will passionately pursue excellence for our industry and ourselves, and become known as one of the finest organizations in the United States.


Washington Commercial Painters maintains the highest standards in our business philosophy, earning our reputation as an ethical business leader. We treat both our employees and clients honestly and ethically and we have laid a foundation of trust on which to build and service client relationships. Our core values guide us in all of our business strategies, decisions and relationships.

At Washington Commercial Painters our business philosophy extends to community and corporate social responsibility, it is important to give back to our communities and care for the environment.

Core Purpose – We exist to create environments where people want to be.

  • Physical environments: we do our best work, so that people want to be in the physical environments we create;
  • Work environments: we treat each other, our vendors and clients with respect, so that people want to be with others at work;
  • Family environments: we value families and we want to send our workers home to be with their families, better off than when they came to work in the morning;
  • Community environments: we get involved with our communities, to help others be where they want to be.
    Core Values

We are guided by our core values to be relationship driven, do the right thing and focused on excellence.


Washington Commercial Painters takes safety seriously. Every new employee is required to take a physical, drug test, and a respirator fit test before being hired. All company foremen are CPR/First Aid Certified and many of our foremen and commercial painters are trained in either OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 safety standards. All field employees receive annual retraining in fall protection, ladder safety, scaffold use, and other topics that promote safety.

To further emphasize job safety, we have several safety incentive programs. Most of our field employees are Boom Lift Certified, Scissor Lift Certified and Scaffold Certified. Our Injury Illness Protection Program was developed to specifically target the needs of commercial painters. With our goal to have our entire crew CPR trained, First Aid trained, Fall Protection trained, Hazard Communication trained and Blood Bourne Pathogen trained, we partner with organizations like the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) to promote and train on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Given the importance we place on safety, any injury on a job is reported that same day to our CEO, Dave Theobald. We go the distance to provide a safe working environment because the safety of our employees on our client’s jobs is our highest priority.