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Rhode Oyen

Estimator / Project Manager

Livermore, California

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royenPrior to joining the Turman team, Rhode worked for over a decade with a subcontractor to PG&E and also in product distribution and logistics for Hagemeyer Food Group and Andronico’s Markets. He joined Turman to assist with fleet and logistical management and joined the estimating team in 2005. He currently is involved in all aspects of commercial painting projects from soliciting sales, to estimating and bidding, and to overseeing the day to day work on landed projects.

Rhode has completed Dale Carnegie training and he is an Intel approved SPGC (Small Projects General Contractor). He is also a certified arborist from his days working for Davey Tree Co.

As a father of four, Rhode is passionate about his wife and kids. He enjoys playing tennis and golf and watching all kinds of sports. Originally heralding from Minnesota, he continues to be a huge Minnesota Twins and Vikings fan. He is an active member of Harvest Valley Christian Church and heads up its Sound/Audio Department.